Walking the beach at Peregrine Point


Where are we located?

Bathurst Inlet Lodge is located 35 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Nunavut, in Canada’s Central Arctic. We are 360 miles northeast of Yellowknife, and about 200 miles southwest of Cambridge Bay, about 150 miles north of the treeline, in the tundra biome. View our map.

How do I get to Bathurst Inlet?

There is no scheduled air service to this tiny historic Inuit community. Bathurst Inlet Lodge is accessed by charter aircraft from Yellowknife, NT. Our packages are priced from Yellowknife; your charter flight is part of the package.

Yellowknife is accessible by air and by road.

Access by air to Yellowknife is generally from Edmonton, Alberta (via First Air, Canadian North, Westjet, and Air Canada (Jazz). It is also possible to get to Yellowknife directly from Ottawa via Air North, or from Ottawa and Montreal through Iqaluit, on Canadian North/First Air code-shared flights.

Or, you can drive the Mackenzie Highway from northern Alberta into the NWT, around Great Slave Lake to Yellowknife. This highway is now entirely paved, and a bridge has replaced the ferries which used to be the only way across the Mackenzie River.

Your flight to Bathurst The flight north from Yellowknife is part of the adventure. Your chartered aircraft (sometimes on wheels, sometimes on floats) flies north from the shores of Great Slave Lake over extensive boreal forest, sparsely treed taiga, literally hundreds of thousands of lakes, and then the rocky upland tundra. Weather permitting, we fly over the diamond mines en route to the Inlet, and may follow the rushing Burnside River to its mouth at the sea.

Bathurst Inlet is a rift valley, and the approach is dramatic. You fly low over ancient rocky Canadian Shield, and then burst out over the green valleys and rolling tundra of the inlet, over the Burnside Delta with its hundreds of tundra ponds and old sand dunes, to land at the edge of the Arctic Ocean where the Burnside River enters the Inlet.